Who We Are

SA TARONJA is a non-profit association working to promote and encourage international exchange and collaboration in contemporary culture between artists and local communities. Through diverse initiatives we open the space for dialogue and reflexion among artists coming from different cultural contexts and focusing on specific issues in the social field. Creating a space to exchange ideas between various collectives and disciplines provides experiential learning and encourages collaborative work on many levels.

We are developing a range of multi-disciplinary residencies that focus on independent studios practice, providing a stimulating and flexible environment for 4 artists from all over the world to experiment and make new work.

We are open to applications from interdisciplinary artists, researchers, writers, performers, curators, other creative, cultural, environmental or scientific practitioners to apply to join us remotely on Mallorca Island.



Through our residencies program, we provide time and space for artists, curators, and arts professionals to create, research, experiment, and cultivate new directions in their work.


The Cultural Association Sa Taronja organizes days of activities in the plastic arts, dance and movement, for girls and boys.

Participants will accompany us in travelling to the universe of the senses to expand our perception of the world around us.


Methodology and objectives


Sa Taronja’s History




The chicken farm belonged Guillem Reus Bosch, an Andratx resident who, like many others from this village during the hard years of the 1920’s, went to seek his fortune in Cuba. He returned 40 years later, bought the old house with his savings and opened a chicken farm, housing 8000 birds in three great halls.

After the owner retired the property stood empty until two local artists bought it in l997, dreaming of an arts centre in a village which had never had one. Soon they passed it on to another idealist Tina Horne who run the culture association next 20 years.  During that time SA TARONJA turned out that creating a cultural space where scores of artists, dancers, actors and musicians have found a stage and reached an audience.

Sa Taronja Association has become a much-loved institution among local and international artists, and an important part of Mallorca’s cultural scene.


During the last decade, the village has heard some of the best classical musicians in Europe through the Serenata Berlin series, that brings the DSO (German Symphony Orchestra of Berlin) to SA TARONJA’s rustic theatre.

SA TARONJA’s new-media festival, PING, brought avantgarde work to Mallorca, influenced artists around the island and beyond.

Through SA TARONJA, the musically-inclined young people of the nearby villages have had access to a studio, and the centre has been present at the birth of many bands.

Young artists have found a place to develop their art in SA TARONJA and children from neighborhood had a place to develop their creativity.

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